Save the Date Styles and Guidelines

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Congratulations on your upcoming BIG DAY!

Traditionally, “save-the-date” cards are meant to be sent to those needing to travel or having to adjust their schedules to be part of a wedding. Nowadays, many brides choose to send them to everyone invited in lieu of engagement announcements.

Sent anywhere from six to twelve months before the big day, save the date’s can range in formality from an email to a calligraphy card and are limited only by the couple’s imagination.

Wording and Usage

Despite the feel of a wedding, a save the date can be a fun and expressive way to show excitement for the big day. They should be sent only to those being invited to the wedding, but really don’t need to share a lot of details. A simple month, date, and year as well as names are all that is needed to send these out. Be sure to mention that an invitation is to follow as well. Here is a suggestion for simple and classic wording:

Please Save the Date!

We will be getting married on


Invitation and details to follow

Bride and Groom


There are multitudes of ways to send out these mini-invitations. The most traditional as well as formal way would be a card matching the wedding invitation or wedding theme. Consider calligraphy with a black and white design if you know you’ll be having a formal wedding but have yet to select invitations or stationery for the big day.

The Formal Option

A more common approach and probably one of the least expensive options are photo cards. Depending on the printer they can be flat postcards, folded cards, etc. and are typically the least expensive option. If you have a descent grasp of graphic design (or know someone who does), you can even create your own cards and print them yourself.

The Photo OptionIn the past few years, refrigerator magnets have been exceedingly popular. Similar to photo cards, they can be customized by a printer or eve in some cases created at home (if your home printer will allow the thickness). You can even use a little double sided tape and mount magnets within a card and mail them as well.

The Magnet Option

If common and traditional styles really aren’t your thing, then think outside of the box! You really are only limited by your creativity and imagination. You can also consider mailing a pencil on a card with a headline “pencil us in” or create your own scratch lottery tickets!

When to Skip

Sometimes there are occasions when using a save the date really isn’t necessary. If your wedding is less than 6 months away, consider just waiting for your wedding invitations. Also, if you have yet to finalize your guest list then just wait – the headache of sending an save the date to someone you don’t plan to invite to the wedding is something you may just wish to avoid!