Wedding Website Ideas

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Here are some fun ideas that you can incorporate into you wedding website. Many of these ideas came from users like you. We are always amazed at the new ideas that couples come up with to make their wedding site unique. If you have a unique idea for a wedding website, please let us know, and we’ll add it to this page.

Get Personal

On the “Our Story”, “Who’s Who”, or “Photo Album” page’s, include quirky stories or pictures. Don’t forget pictures of your pets, houses, hobbies, or that crazy aunt. On a more serious side, on the “Who’s Who” page, you can include loved ones that have passed away, but still have a special place in your life.

Become a Scam Artist

Use your favorite art program to doctor up some pictures of yourself or your relatives. This is usually as easy as cutting a head out of one picture and pasting it on another. Try to find funny pictures on the internet such as movie posters, or advertisements.

Color Coordinate Your Wedding Website

Certain themes will allow you to choose the colors for you website. Try to match them to your wedding colors or invitation colors. There is also theme for each Season of the year, so you can match your wedding website to the season that your ceremony will take place. Another idea would be to change the theme of your site periodically to surprise everyone.

Let Your Guests Make Music

Put a note on your RSVP page that asks your guests to make song requests for your reception (if you dare).

Keep Your Guests Up To Date

On your maintenance screen, you have the ability to send an email to your wedding guests. Take advantage of this and send out an email when you add information to your site. That way, people will keep coming back to see what’s new.

Add Non-Traditional Registry Links

Because your website is online, you don’t just have to stick with traditional stores for your wedding registry. Many online stores such as now offer wedding registries. There are also several online “honeymoon registries”.

Don’t Forget Your Wedding “Insiders”

You can use the “Behind The Scenes” page for all sorts of information, such as the rehearsal dinner, bachelor party, bridal shower, tuxedo/dress fittings, or where the parents should sit. Also remember to include a schedule of events for the big day so people can print it out. When you make changes, remember tell everyone.

Make Your Wedding Website Public

Do you want to share your wedding with everyone on the internet? There are several ways to get your site indexed by search engines so people will find it. One of the easiest ways is to add your site to the Open Directory.

The Open Directory is a giant directory that includes many of the websites on the internet. To add your site to the open directory, go to and choose “Add URL”.

You will have to enter the address of your website: and a short description. Because your listing must be approved by a human editor, you may have to wait up to a month. After your site is added to the directory, search engines such as google will pick it up, and it will start to show up when people search the internet.

Be Creative with Your Invitation

If you are sending wedding announcements or invitations, you can include the address of your website. This is an easy way to let all your friends and relatives know about your site. Also, instead cluttering up your invitation with maps and driving directions, you can just point people to your website.

Obviously some people may not have access to the internet, so you can include a note on your RSVP card so people can specify if they require you to send them directions (most people won’t). If you use the RSVP feature on your website, you can word your RSVP card so that it asks people to RSVP at your website, OR to send the traditional RSVP card in the mail.

Post Your After-The-Wedding Pictures

Don’t forget to post all of your wedding photos and snap shots on your website after your big day. Your friends will also enjoy to seeing your honeymoon photos. If you opened your gifts after the wedding, also make sure to include photos.